AOS Music School - Music lessons at affordable prices!
Terms & Conditions
The AOS Music School operates under the following terms and conditions:
1.      Students should be punctual for lessons/classes.  If you are late, it may not be possible to make up the time at the end of the allocated lesson/class time if another lesson/class follows.
2.      Piano students should have a piano or keyboard available for regular practice between lessons/classes.
3.      All fees are payable at the time of booking, and are non-refundable.  The lessons/classes you have booked will be reserved for you on the basis that you have paid for it.
4.      You need to give 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson/class.  The fee already paid would therefore go towards your next 9lesson/class.  If the required notice is not given, you will forfeit your fee.
The AOS Music School fees as from
1st January 2019 are as follows:
Piano/Keyboard         £12.50 per ½ hour
Vocal Coaching          £12. 50 per ½ hour
Music Reading           £12. 50 per ½ hour
Please note that Vocal Coaching, when taught in a group setting, is charged at £15.00 per hour.
The terms, conditions and fees will be revised from time to time.
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